Fly The Nest- Be Mine🎹

Release date 16th October 2020, Ireland/Denmark Listen here: Youtube: Spotify: Follow Instagram Facebook Twitter The song is a profession and promise of love, of looking back at how far you’ve come and also forward to the future. Fly the Nest says, ““Be Mine” was a wedding present for my best mate. I wrote theContinue reading “Fly The Nest- Be Mine🎹”

Strings & Things- Fuaim Gathering🪕

Release date 9th October 2020, Ireland Listen here: Soundcloud: Apple Music: Spotify: Follow Instagram Facebook Twitter Bandcamp Irish neo-trad four-piece Strings & Things are set to release their new single, “Fuaim Gathering.” This song is the second single of their upcoming album, The Unsolicited Dance. The single, as well as the band’s upcomingContinue reading “Strings & Things- Fuaim Gathering🪕”